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Monroe Payne, Writer, Photographer and Artist

The Wise Man Knows what he Knows -

                 and Knows what he DOESN'T Know!


This phrase smacks me in the head every other day, when I think “That can’t be so hard. I’ll do it myself.” And invariably, I waste hours or days getting nowhere fast.


I can handle a knife all right, but here’s what I’ve found. Butchers, in my opinion, are horribly underpaid. Just try deboning and packaging a venison quarter and you’ll know exactly what I mean.


Without precise knowledge of the anatomy involved, the connective tissue’s properties and where the tendons go, you’d be lost. And it’s cold. My hands don’t handle cold very well. And besides doing a horrible job on the meat, it took half the day when an expert could have had it done in minutes.


Cars – same thing. I can change a tire and top off the oil, but after that, it’s the mechanic’s job. He knows how to read the computer, change the brakes, do an alignment – why? Because he has been trained and has experience doing exactly that.


Examples of what I don’t know - I leave those things – and many more to the pros, to the specialists who do these things for a living.


On the other hand, areas I DO have expertise in are writing and photography.


Your time is too valuable to spend on tasks that a pro can do efficiently and reliably. You need someone who knows lighting, composition and posing for the very best business portrait possible.


Why? Because your business portrait is your introduction to the world!


You need someone skilled at writing persuasive text for your advertising, your web site, your blogs, your copywriting and marketing communications.


Why? Because your marketing is your livelihood!


And Art - Art is the soul you display to the world in your office, home, website and meeting places. I create art from the places I've vsited in a unique way,  a way that will draw comments from your visitors and will set you apart as one who values your entire client - not just the money or product. You value the enitre person, including their soul, just as you care for your own. For the gallery, click here.


Go do what you do, Be the expert at those functions you are expert at.

Examine eyes, make wine, sell Real Estate, work with a non-profit you care deeply about.


And let me take care of the photography and craft the words you need to get your message presented crisply, clearly and persuasively to your audience.


Call or message me for a no obligation consultation.


I'm looking forward to meeting you!



                                                                        Monroe Payne


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