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Three Powerful Changes to your Web Site


After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours on your web site, it just sits there.


And sits there.


And does nothing.


Oh, your friends will say “It’s a BEAUTIFUL site”, but the leads aren’t coming, and the sales aren’t happening. And it’s costing you every month to keep it alive- on life support, because you can’t run a business without a web site, right?


But isn’t it supposed to do SOMETHING?


You are absolutely right.


To operate a business today, you need a web site.

It IS supposed to do something. It’s supposed to be MAKING you money by generating leads or drawing qualified clients in to learn more, and eventually buy.

So where is the disconnect? Why isn’t it working?


I’ve discovered the three things that keep websites from doing what they’re supposed to, and they are ALL curable.


#1           Your Purpose


Ok, you were told you needed a web site, and you dutifully had a designer build you one, or maybe you built it yourself. It shows who you are and what you do or sell.


Did you ever think WHY you have the web site (except you were told you needed one)?


Your WHY is the biggest determiner of what the site should look like. Are you generating leads for a sales force to follow up on? Are you a one-man operation service company looking for high end clients? Maybe you are a manufacturing firm making thousands of handy dandy widgets to sell to lots of people.


Every business has particular needs in a web site, and its design needs to reflect those needs.


So IDENTIFY your purpose. That’s step #1.



#2           Your Text


Writing web text (or sales copy of any kind) isn’t quite as simple as it seems.


Tell your web visitors what you do, and they will say “So What?”
Tell them the features of your product, again they will say “So What?”
Tell them you have a fantastic deal this week, and they will say “No Deal”.


Why? How can you get from “So What?” to “Tell me More!”


Most people need to see themselves needing a product or service from an EMOTIONAL perspective. Put yourself in THEIR shoes for a bit. What will you do that will make their lives easier, cleaner, happier, more fun or give them peace of mind? Tell them!


Then back it up with logic, backed up with research and then backed up with numbers. This helps them justify the emotional decision they’ve already made.


Then, of course, ask for the sale. They have decided already but won’t act unless you ASK. So make it easy for them to get what you offer.


#3           Your Images


 There is no shortcut here. The photos you use on your web site from your head shot to your products to your testimonials need to be absolutely top shelf

professional images.


To illustrate how important this is, the US Board of Realtors found that Real Estate listings that had professional photographs created, had a 239% better chance of being clicked on.


This is critical, folks. Put in real numbers, if of 1,000 people viewing a listing, 100 clicked on the image that was not professionally done, then out of that same 1,000 people, 339 people would click through on the professionally done image.


We all know that real estate, as with most businesses is a numbers game. Why would you settle for 100 people visiting your site (the same thing as coming in the door to your store) to see and be told about your product when you could have over 300 visitors?


Your Solution


Your web site is one piece of your entire marketing strategy, which includes email, direct mail, print and radio and television advertisements and more. Imagine them all working together to create a persuasive and consistent message for your clients and customers!


Why not contact me today for a no obligation chat, where we can discuss your current web site’s purpose, text and photos, and ways to make your entire marketing strategy pay off?


The chat and the quote are free without obligation of any kind. But you owe it to yourself to explore the ways that your significant investment in your web site and overall marketing can pay off.


While we’re talking, ask me about my guarantee.


I'm looking forward to meeting you!



                                                                        Monroe Payne


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