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What does it cost?

Everybody is trained to ask what it costs first, but maybe the proper question is to ask first, what exactly do you want the result to be?


You can find a friend with a camera to take a snapshot for your head shot, or a college student to write your ad or press release - but what is that actually costing you? Will you get the outcome you desire?


The results you want!


Top shelf and persuasive text highlighting the benefits of your service from the client's point of view, will generate the results you want. And the happier you are with the copy, the happier we both are, and a long term positive relationship is formed between us.


Because of the wide differences in your needs and the research necessary to create the most effective copy for you, each assignment will be quoted individually.



Don't let this happen to you!


If your image is not professionally done, you are losing out on a great deal of business, because people, like it or not, judge you based on your image. Even before you've had a chance to show your product or service they will have moved on to another who looks more "professional".


But you asked, so here is the schedule...


Basic Head Portrait                           $165

     Half hour session, your choice of a single image.

     You get a completely retouched image file in both hi resolution for print and low          resolution for web.

     Additional images from the session are available for $40 each.


On Site Portrait or Character Study  $325

     Half hour session in a variety of poses and moods, or locations within your

          chosen site.

     You get your choice of 5 retouched image files from the session in hi and lo res.

     Additional images from the session are available for $40 each.


Custom commercial portraiture or product photography will be based on

     $105/hr plus travel and expenses.


Again, I will be happy to provide a proposal for your specific needs.




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